We’re creating a problem for ourselves

There’s a big problem coming down the line, and by the time it hits us, it will be too late to fix it.  It takes years to educate, motivate, train and deploy people effectively.  And it takes even longer before those people are experienced.  Right now, we’re knowingly wasting much of the talent which is leaving schools at the end of every academic year.

Bright, enthusiastic young people are leaving schools hopeful of an exciting career in their chosen field.  Some are choosing to avoid university altogether, fearful of the huge costs.  Others are going to university, expecting that a degree will give them the advantage they need to get onto the professional ladder.  The harsh reality is that whichever path they take, young people are ill-prepared to embark on their careers.  Hiring companies complain that they don’t have the needed soft skills, and that their qualifications are often inadequate.  It doesn’t take long for those bright, enthusiastic young people to lose their early motivation and excitement and to fall back into a less challenging state of mind.

The only way of maintaining the sense of excitement and motivation in this raw talent is by doing something different with them.  By not treating them the same as everyone else.  By actively nurturing them.  By taking them under our wings and showing them how to fly and do all the other things we need them to do.  They need to be properly cared for, rather than treated as cannon-fodder.  Hiring companies need to be taking the opportunities to do things differently, and to avoid the problem which inaction will inevitably result in.


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