Friday off-topic – A simple haircut

Friday off-topic posts are unrelated to the general theme of the earlyinitiative blog, ie not related to career development.  They are observations or comments; things I’ve overheard which have made me laugh, cry, wonder or even just imagine.  There is no intended theme or thread – I hope you enjoy them.

Whilst having my hair cut earlier this week, the hairdresser – mid twenties, fashionably dressed (aren’t they all?), slightly nervous (recently qualified?) – had a really good look at my hair (it didn’t take long) before asking “how do you wear your hair?”  As a man, this is not a question I’ve been asked before and unusually for me, I was completely stuck for an answer.  I can usually have a stab at getting the right answer (or at least an answer), but this one completely stumped me.  How do I wear my hair?  How do I wear my hair?

I was tempted with a quick response along the lines of “happily”, “actively” or “with ease” but in the end I hesitated just long enough to give the impression that I didn’t really know.  Or possibly care.  The process continued without me ever finding out either the correct answer, or even what the selection of multiple choice answers could have been.

Moments later, with my chin on my chest, came the next question “how do you like it at the back?  Naturally or squared-off?”  Again, a tricky one.  Surely “naturally” would mean un-cut, growing wildly – not artificially shortened?

The only time I ever look at the back of my head is for that fleeting glimpse at the end of a haircut for no apparent reason, so this was another one which required a sufficiently brief hesitation before we both came to the realisation that I was the one sitting down and paying, whilst all control remained with the only one standing and holding the scissors.  We didn’t have much of a conversation after that.  I didn’t really feel the need – it was a haircut I was after, not a chat.  And I’m still wondering how I should have answered those questions.


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