Friday off-topic – What’s she got?

Friday off-topic posts are unrelated to the general theme of the earlyinitiative blog, ie not related to career development.  They are observations or comments; things I’ve overheard which have made me laugh, cry, wonder or even just imagine.  There is no intended theme or thread – I hope you enjoy them.

I was recently enjoying a cold beer with friends on a warm evening in the beer garden of a local pub when I noticed raised voices coming from near the door to the building.  There was clearly something “going on”, but no obvious commotion – just voices becoming progressively more agitated.  I felt compelled to bend an ear in that direction, eager to understand what it was.  There was a small group of people probably in their early thirties gathered round a woman who was on her phone, clearly upset.  This was some sort of “domestic” in full flow, and the friends were providing some useful support, if awkwardly.

The conversation which until then was largely one-sided, came to an abrupt end.  It became immediately clear that she had just been dumped by her boyfriend, in favour of someone she knew.  There were various mutterings about how she shouldn’t be too upset, and how there were plenty more like him – none of which seemed to work the intended miracles.  Totally exasperated she threw her phone to the ground, a stone patio, with a force which it had never been designed to survive.  And sure enough, it didn’t – apart from the battery cover coming off, there were signs of many more components than in the original kit, and they shot off in every direction.

As the phone completely disintegrated around her feet, the woman shrieked “what’s she got that I haven’t?” to which one of her friends instantly, and as cool as a cucumber, replied “a fully working phone”.  This had the effect of defusing the situation, and at last bringing some light relief to the other friends (although not to the woman herself).  I was full of admiration for the chap who responded so rapidly, and rather hoped that if ever in a similar situation myself, I’d be able to respond as quickly.


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