Funny things, emotions

Last day of term at school today, and all the children in Reception year arrive as they have done every other day this year. The noticeboard is in its usual place, and parents eagerly crowd round to read about what’s on the agenda for the day, relaying the content to the children. Except today it’s different and many parents are taking photos of the board and not managing to read to the end. There isn’t a dry eye to be found, and parents are all quite emotional.
Here’s what it says:

To class
Congratulations on completing your first year at school! Since you joined our class you have made many friends, grown so tall, learned a lot and hopefully had lots of fun along the way. You have been a fantastic class and we are so proud of you all. It is because of you that we really believe we have the best job in the whole wide world. Who else gets a smile and a hug each day? Thank you class for making this year so special! Have a fantastic summer.

Reading it back now, it’s hard to understand why everyone was so emotional.The parents were much more emotional today than on the day the children started at school – their first ever day at school.  Logic and reason would suggest (to me) that their first day at school would be more of a milestone than the last day of their first year.  So maybe it’s not just about milestones.  Maybe it’s more about looking back, and taking a moment to reflect on what we hadn’t noticed every day… our children have indeed grown – physically and emotionally. Just like the proverbial frog in hot water, maybe we just need a milestone to force us to reflect on that personal growth and to marvel at how each person will continue to grow in the coming years.  Perhaps that’s where the emotion was coming from.


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