Friday off-topic – Annoyances

Friday off-topic posts are unrelated to the general theme of the earlyinitiative blog, ie not related to career development.  They are observations or comments; things I’ve overheard which have made me laugh, cry, wonder or even just imagine.  There is no intended theme or thread – I hope you enjoy them.

New to Twitter, I found myself browsing some popular hashtags and stumbled upon this one: #ImEasilyAnnoyedWhen

Gosh, what an interesting read! You can try it yourself via this link:!/search/%23ImEasilyAnnoyedWhen

There is a large proportion of rubbish which needs to be waded through. And then there are the “traditional” things people are annoyed by – leaving the door open; not squeezing the toothpaste properly; not returning borrowed property; not returning calls.

There seem to be a lot which somehow relate to technology, including I’m easily annoyed when:

  • When people don’t reply to my texts, but I know they’re not busy because they’re tweeting
  • When my phone falls out of my hands and hits me in the face whilst texting (presumably whilst lying down)
  • When I have to pull my earplugs out whilst listening to music because I keep thinking I heard my name being called
  • When people UnMention me
  • When people UnFollow me as soon as I Follow them back
  • When my phone wrongly autocorrects words

Then there are some more “belief-based” ones, some of which have a personal impact:

  • When people talk of Kashmir as being part of India
  • When people get all nationalistic
  • When people see borders as some kind of barrier

And then finally there are some more personal things:

  • When people who don’t know me, start assuming things and judging me
  • When people judge others by what they’ve heard about them
  • When people talk more than they think
  • When people don’t understand why I’m upset and make the situation worse
  • When people don’t even try to understand someone else’s point of view

The thing I found most interesting is that these thousands of tweets all on the same topic, were so varied. Technology has given us this mechanism which enables such a variety of people to take part in a massive conversation. I wonder how many of the tweets are actually read… just a hunch, but I suspect that most of them are written and posted without a thought as to the actual purpose, and that few are read and digested.

One of my favourites: “When people discriminate indiscriminately“.


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