Friday off-topic – A dignified end

Friday off-topic posts are unrelated to the general theme of the earlyinitiative blog, ie not related to career development.  They are observations or comments; things I’ve overheard which have made me laugh, cry, wonder or even just imagine.  There is no intended theme or thread – I hope you enjoy them.

A colleague told me what happened when his children’s pet hamster died. The children had wanted to bury it in the garden, but they also had a dog and were fairly sure that the dog would quickly find and unearth the buried hamster so they were looking for other options. My colleague asked his neighbour for advice and it emerged that indeed they had faced a similar dilemma themselves some years earlier as their children were a few years older. The neighbour readily agreed to help, and with a knowing wink said “give him to me and I’ll take care of it – say no more”. The little hamster was duly passed to the neighbour, and nothing more said.

The children soon moved on to other things and forgot about the demise of their beloved hamster. My colleague, whilst grateful, couldn’t help wondering how his neighbour had disposed of the pet, so eventually he asked. “Oh it was quite simple” said the neighbour. “I took him to work with me last Monday morning. I have to use a short stretch of motorway on my way to the office, and as soon as I was up to speed and clear of other cars, I opened the window and threw him out. I see all sorts of dead animals on the roads – large and small – and I figured that a little hamster wouldn’t do anyone any harm”. Practical, but perhaps not the most dignified final journey…


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