Five tricky questions for First Year students

People go to university for a variety of reasons. One commonly-cited reason is that it helps get on the first rung of the jobs ladder – for many careers, a degree is a mandatory requirement. But why else?

During those few short years at university, a great deal of “growing up” often take place forming the transition from late-teenage years to early-adulthood and the first stages in becoming a “professional”. Some of that transition happens without any conscious effort. The most successful students take concrete steps to drive their development forward so that they’re ready-baked on graduation.

mind map for setting personal life goals

Five questions every student needs to be able to answer:

  1. What do I want to achieve whilst at university – apart from getting a degree?
  2. What are my plans for making that happen?
  3. How will I know when I’m done?
  4. How will I track my progress?
  5. How can I show potential employers that I’m serious about my career?

Most students arriving at university have just accomplished something they’ve been dreaming about for years – success in exams leading to a place on a degree course. It certainly is a major achievement, and it should be acknowledged as such. But once the celebrations are over, these questions need to be asked and properly answered – in the First Year. Avoiding them is a recipe for absolute disaster.

Students who get an early start on their personal development give themselves an advantage over those who don’t.


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