Elements of a great placement

I have often been asked what makes a great placement, and although I’ve not published this before, the list below is a combination of the best practice I have witnessed and recommendations I propose.WorkPlacementsDoneWell

Before the placement

  • Clear, professional definition of placement schedule & scope
  • An interesting role – something to look forward to

The placement itself

  • A formal welcome, a great first day, and first week
  • Personal support from a buddy, mentor or other
  • Well-documented, achievable plan
  • Responsibility – a “real” job
  • Professional buy-in and support from staff
  • Variety and opportunity to move if needed/ appropriate
  • Regular communication with line manager – no surprises at the end
  • Support in creating evidence of achievements
  • An interesting role, in line with original scope
  • Opportunities to make contacts, get references

After the placement

  • Maintained contact after return to university

To some extent it depends whether you’re a student or an employer, but either way you may have more to add to the list – please share your thoughts.


Feel free to comment on this post – I’d be interested to hear your views.
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