Elements of a great placement

I have often been asked what makes a great placement, and although I’ve not published this before, the list below is a combination of the best practice I have witnessed and recommendations I propose.WorkPlacementsDoneWell Continue reading


Be different – stand out

One of the questions I am most frequently asked when I’m speaking to students, is “How do I stand out from all the other students? We’re all applying for the same jobs, and we all have the same qualifications“. It is a fair question to ask – with supply exceeding demand employers tend to be picky. Very picky.

Be-Different-3 What practical steps can a student take? Actually, it is surprisingly easy. Continue reading

A reminder that there is hope

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of making generalisations – we’ve all done that at some point.   But it’s sloppy thinking; often the result of seeing repeated evidence which reinforces a particular view.

Students are lazy, lucky, selfish, broke, wasters, inexperienced and insular.  Those are some of the characteristics of today’s typical students if we believe what we read repeatedly in the press.  Only rarely are we reminded that students don’t always conform to this stereotype.  I recently had the privilege of attending a presentation given by six students from the University of Southampton who gave me a collective poke in the eye when they delivered an inspiring presentation on their SIFE work.  Actually it was more of a punch in the face… a real hard-hitting reminder of what students are like, and what they can do.  Everyone in the audience was already 100% behind students, and none believed the stereotype to be representative.  But everyone in the room was affected in the same way by this inspiring group of young people.

Undergraduates these days face the double challenge of not only completing their studies, but often also earning a part-time wage to offset their living costs, so to see students taking on additional commitments voluntarily is particularly encouraging.
  The group from SIFE Southampton won the UK National Championships and the presentation they delivered so professionally was what they will take to the SIFE World Cup in Washington DC in September.  Even at their young age, they are making a positive difference to the lives of others around the world – voluntarily. They are absolutely not showing any evidence of being lazy, selfish or any of the other characteristics listed in the second paragraph above.  Each of them has massively increased their employability, and prospective employers will be lucky to have them on board.

Some of the Wisemind members

In a brief chat with Jim Ineson (Exceutive Director of SIFE UK) after the event, I suggested to him that he’s got the best job in the world, and he gladly confirmed that to be the case. These students demonstrated what can be done with enthusiasm, motivation, drive and commitment.  They are a credit to the entire student community and a reminder to the rest of us that there is hope.